You’ll have the chance to view and order your portraits right after your session, on the same day. This allows us to start production immediately upon receiving paid-in-full invoices. Typically, albums are ready within 2-3 months, and wall art orders take about 1-2 months. During our initial call, we’ll discuss these timelines and make suitable arrangements. If your desired date for gifting doesn’t align with our standard turnaround times, rush orders are available for an additional fee.

Typically, we book sessions about 3-4 months in advance. However, there are often openings that allow us to accommodate clients with shorter notice. So, don’t hesitate to call and ask about availability.

Absolutely!!!! We welcome clients of ALL shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities. 100% of our clients are non-models who want beautiful portraits either for themselves or for someone special…but always become the best gift to themselves! We welcome you with open arms and we’ll do everything to make you comfortable and give you beautiful portraits that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Being able to document you in your different seasons throughout your life is my passion, and you deserve to be celebrated at each stage.

A professional mani/pedi always gives the best look, but clean neutral nails for both hands and feet are also perfectly fine.

Your session fee reserves the photography service exclusively for the specified date and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Should rescheduling be necessary, a new portrait session booking fee will be required. This fee compensates the photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, and team for their commitment to providing services and forgoing other potential projects or clients.

Our clients have approved all photos shown. We consider all images private so they will not be used on our website or social media unless you give signed consent to use them. You have options, whether you are okay with showing your face, or if you would love to have your photos used but prefer to remain anonymous and we will crop your face.

Your session is very private. After your hair and makeup is done, the stylist leaves the studio. Only Olivia and her trusted female assistant will be with you during your session.

Good question, our hair and makeup process is very much interactive…. that way there are no surprises and you’ll love the outcome. It starts before your session, you will be in correspondence with your scheduled makeup artist to discuss your desired look and review any inspirational photos together. And then a discussion between you, the hair/ makeup artist, and Olivia on the day of your session.

No, you may not bring anyone to your photo session. Trust us, you won’t be comfortable with them around, and be unapologetically yourself. Boudoir is a very intimate experience and your expression will never be what it needs to be because you’ll feel self-conscious about being “watched”, so we ask that you don’t bring anyone.

Absolutely! I love this part. I’ll direct you throughout your entire session to get the perfect pose most flattering for different body shapes and sizes. Some subtle and some totally sexy. You’ll become so comfortable that you’ll be adding your own body language that will make each photo unique to your personality. I promise you don’t have to worry about this at all. And just a heads-up…don’t hate me the next day lo, because you will be sore. It is a great workout!

I’ll direct you throughout your entire session to get the perfect expression to complete each pose. Great poses are not complete unless your face is relaxed and depicts sensuality.

Yes, men deserve to look and feel amazing as well! Men always mention to me, “Olivia, this isn’t only for women, men need and benefit from this as well!”

Don’t worry, included with your booking you receive a complimentary wardrobe design consultation. I will help guide you into different options for your wardrobe, giving you a variety in your selection. We will go through what to wear, what looks good in photos, and where to shop. Also, available to each client is the use of items in the client closet that you may wear for your session.

My commission fee is $890, with artwork collections starting at $3090. Your total investment will depend on your individual product preferences. Each client has different product needs, from albums to wall-art. Clients typically spend between $6,000 to $30,000+, but ultimately, you have the freedom to create a collection that aligns with your preferences and budget.

It depends on the specific needs of each client. I will work with you to determine the best location for your photoshoot, whether it’s in our studio or on location. The world offers many beautiful locations throughout, and I am always ready to travel! Additional fees may apply for on-location shoots, and we will discuss these fees with you during the booking process.

Absolutely! We encourage clients to bring along someone they love to be photographed with. Our standard pricing includes makeup for up to two people. If you plan to bring additional individuals or require extra hair and makeup services, additional fees may apply.

No, we offer both black and white as well as color portraits. While black and white is my preference and my true passion, as I started my photography journey developing my own BW film. And it also fits my style. I understand that each client has their own unique style and preferences. During your session, we will work with you to determine which style of portrait will best suit your vision.

Our clients come from all walks of life – they are moms, dads, grandmas, entrepreneurs, and more, and are not professional models. Our goal is to create portraits that showcase the best version of you artistically with elegance and emotion. Our photographer is skilled at posing clients to document their best angles and features. Hair and makeup services are also included to help you feel confident and glamorous during your session. We want you to leave your session feeling and looking like a million bucks, no matter who you are or what your background is.

No problem at all! We understand that every client has different preferences for displaying their portraits. While we do offer wall art options, we also offer legacy boxes and albums that are perfect for those who do not want to display their photos on the wall. These options provide a beautiful way to preserve your portraits, that are art pieces themselves. During your order consultation, we will present you with a variety of product options and help you choose the best option to fit your preferences and budget.

No, you do not have to be nude for your portrait session. We understand that each client has different visions, and we will work with you to plan a session that fits your unique style and preferences. During your wardrobe design consultation, we will discuss outfit options. Many of our clients desire this look and it is out of their comfort level, but your comfort is top priority and you feel gorgeous and safe during your session.